let it burn


what does it mean to most people?

what does it mean to you?

what does it mean to me?

it differs from one person to another. 

i want to be happy, i need to be happy…. but sadly im not.

its not because of you but because of me, myself and i. i have issues which i dont know what,how or why?

that is why im trying to figure it out by travelling…. see new things or the same things but in a different perspective. 

trying to appreciate things while it is still there without taking things for granted.

for the people who love u the most wont leave your side for whatever reason it may be. 

is that happiness to you? 


it consist of five letter but it seems very hard for certain people to actually say it.

all i can say is fuck you!

its not the same anymore

i’ve tried before… with all my effort. but when it comes to your turn… nothing is working out, this is not working out i guess.

but why are we still linger around each other?

is this love or are we just afraid of taking new chances? or am i particularly.

i know nothing is gonna change.. ever.

but why am i still here?

where do i go from here?